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Scottish Roots, Global Reach

CompliancePath FAQ

CompliancePath is a global leader in IT Governance, Software Assurance, US & EU GxP, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and NHS directive solutions.

We were founded in 2008 and have continued to develop our global presence in the IT Governance & Life Science markets opening our European Head Office in 2011.

Here we answer some of your questions and explain why consultants that wear kilts are more trustworthy.

Our main test centre is based in Glasgow Scotland. Glasgow is a tropical wonderland experiencing a daily average temperature of 23C, cooled by soft trade winds.

We have successfully crafted IT governance programs that have resulted in certification for countless organizations across diverse industry verticals. Our path always leads to compliance.

We run the range relative to experience. Our typical IT Governance and Software Assurance specialist has five years experience. Our senior management team have well over 20 years experience each despite their youthful appearances.

We use a number of web based project management, document management and communication tools. Our projects are seamless, transparent and expertly managed.

It all depends on you. Our risk based approach to rapid project execution allows most projects to start and finish in a 12-16 week window. Once we have your SOW in hand, we will be able to estimate how long it will take.

In 2020 CompliancePath associates supported projects on every time zone in the USA, in China, in Australia, across Europe and in Africa. We are up all night every night.

Typically our projects cost 30-50% less than our US based compatriots. We achieve this by applying our unique and proven risk strategies, and by keeping travel costs and other administrative expense as low as possible. Give us an SOW to price and we will prove it.

We follow GAMP5 to a tee. In fact we even had a hand in the ISPE GAMP IT Infrastructure Good Practice Guide Revision 2. One of our Managing Directors sits on the GAMP Americas steering committee, and our team participates as speakers and exhibitors at ISPE shows all over the world.

In 1746 the forces of Charles Edward Stewart, or Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated at Culloden Moor, with it Scotland as a sovereign nation came to an end, the spelling of center was promptly changed to centre (probably).

Yes, we have some other UK and European accents in the mix too, as well as some pseudo Scottish/American accents. We can teach your team how to speak Scottish for an additional fee.

As of August 2020 the guide has not been released, but based on the content we expect to see we think it will look suspiciously like GAMP5, plus we’ve been following a risk-based approach to Computer Assurance nee Validation forever so we aren’t expecting a whole lot of change.