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Technology Partners


Ideagen – Is one of the world’s leading software companies, specialising in quality, audit, safety and risk management software solutions, helping highly regulated industries be more efficient while reducing costs; strengthening compliance and oversight alongside anticipating and managing every aspect of risk.  The two products CompliancePath support:
  • Q-Pulse – Electronic Quality Management system (eQMS) is the proven quality, compliance, safety and risk management solution for thousands of organisations across the world.
  • PleaseReview – Is the document collaboration software that simplifies the process, giving users complete control over co-authoring and reviewing. Collaborating with both colleagues and third parties is equally secure and will also functions as a document redaction software when you need to protect sensitive information.


Promedim – A global leader in 24/7/365 cloud-based technology solutions that provide support across our Medical Monitoring of clinical trials, Field Service and GDPR products. Our leading compliant and fully validated technology App provides remote access to manage communication queries, rota, documentation and audit trail functionality:

  • promedim24 – Built on our successful Promedim technology architecture we provide comprehensive oversight for clinical trials through our medical services. Our medical monitors provide GCP mandated “readily available” physician oversight either as lead medics or to augment with an existing CRO, Biotech or Sponsors medical team.
  • fieldservice24 – Built on our successful Promedim technology architecture, FieldService24 is the only fully compliant remote field service solution for the life science industry. Our end to end solution provides multiple mechanisms for field service engineers to deliver remote-based support from simple service ticket resolution to virtual reality headset support sessions that connect the remote field engineer into site in real time.
  • GDPR24 – Built on our successful Promedim technology architecture, we provide a fully tailored outsourced data privacy service to meet your GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and data protection needs. Our on call Data Protection Officers (DPO’s) are on call to minimise your liability and reduce the risk to your organisation.


Apprentice –  Offers industrial augmented reality, computer vision, and machine learning platform which are used to empower scientists, engineers, and manufacturers who operate in various environments.  Through the augmented reality headset and platform provides remote support from Intelligent batch execution and augmented procedures and work instructions to manufacturing team collaboration, remote support and virtual tours.


ShareknowledgeIs EPAM’s training solution for risk and compliance to actively manage governance, compliance and enterprise risk engagements.  Supporting content management to learning pathways to reporting, their solution provides the consistency needed in order to keep up with the rigid requirements of highly regulated industries.


Validated CloudIs the #1 full-service life science compliant community cloud and is 100% dedicated to supporting the life sciences, providing the full service solution to meet the regulatory requirements the life science industry needs.

CompliancePath is a certified Validated Cloud auditor.


CellPortCellPort Software is the developer of the CellPort POWR™ platform, a modular and integrated suite to manage the definition and execution of consistent, reproducible, compliant and scalable cell manufacturing operations.  CellPort POWR™ Was developed in collaboration with industry leaders, including Absorption Systems a world class CRO developing and operating in vitro and in vivo assays to support drug development and manufacturing.


A-Lign – Cybersecurity and compliance firm that specialize in helping to navigate the scope and complexity of specific security needs. CompliancePath can prepare you for your ISO9001, ISO27001, SOC1/2/3, HIPAA and HITECH certifications that A-Lign is accredited to perform.


Cybraics has the most advanced AI-based threat detection available. The platform, nLighten, was developed out of a long-term award-winning government research program designed to support the war on terrorism. A true force multiplier, nLighten provides security teams in the small, medium, and large enterprises with increased situational awareness and the ability to identify unknown threats existing security tools just do not catch.

With numerous customer success examples and demonstrated ROI in both commercial and government sectors, Cybraics is the proven platform to address security challenges.


DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. They help clients create custom software that improves their operations and opens new markets. Powered by their People First principle, they work with clients at any scale and on any platform, helping unleash technology innovation.

CompliancePath have conducted multiple successful engagements with the DataArt team.


InStep – For more than a decade, INSTEP has served start-up, expansion stage and mature software and technology companies and investors at the executive level. INSTEP is a boutique consulting firm that provides a wide-range of strategic and tactical advisory services to drive new product development and market growth.

INSTEP consists of a cadre of seasoned industry veterans who bring deep and diverse market, operational, product, domain, technical and process expertise. CompliancePath and INSTEP collaborate to help our SaaS customers establish and commercialize their products.